Coffee + Conversation with Thee Goal Slayer

Inspirational Conversations + Networking + Support
Let's chat!Everyone's welcome, there's not set agenda or specific topics that we discuss. Just a group of people who want to share resources, pray for one another, encourage a neighbor or just be around some positive vibes. We hope to see you there!


Monday 27 January, 10:00 AM

till Monday 27 January 12:00 PM


Increasing Faith 2510 Northwoods Blvd North Charleston US

The Snider Agency

  • Event's organizer

Snider Enterprises, Inc. was established in 2016 to serve as an umbrella for our entrepreneurial endeavors, to serve as a small business training source and personal growth institute for individuals who desire to increase economically, physically, spiritually and socially. We resulted from the outpour of holistic desires from our GEN X and Millennial counterparts. We are interested in engaging and developing the whole person, and helping them achieve their unique tailor-made life.Our team is c...

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