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  • Monday 16 December 2019, 09:00 AM

Course Description :
The Cloud Essentials Course is a 2-day, interactive, classroom-based learning experience. This introductory course provides a balanced curriculum and addresses the business and technical perspectives of cloud computing. It will also explain how to adopt, operate, and govern the cloud. The course enables participants to successfully complete the associated CompTIA® Cloud Essentials Exam to become Cloud Essentials certified. In addition, the course complements the Virtualization Essentials course, which they can do either before or after they have taken the Cloud Essentials course. This course has been designated as CompTIA Approved Quality Content. Cloud Essentials courseware is tested by ProCert Labs.
Course Outline :
Module 1: Course Introduction



Course Agenda

Case Study

Introduction to PureNRG

Organizational Chart


PureNRG’s Business Units


Course Portfolio


Module 2: Introduction to Cloud Computing

Definitions and Concepts

Cloud Computing and Virtualization in Context

Suitability to Organizations

Cloud Service Models

Cloud Deployment Models

Module 3: Business Perspectives

Cloud Computing and Outsourcing

Business Value

Case Study

Module 4: Technical Perspectives

Public vs Private Cloud

Techniques and Methods

Challenges and Risks

Application Architecture and Development

Case Study

Module 5: Adopting Cloud Computing


Vendor Relations

Cloud Readiness

Migration Applications

Module 6: Operating Cloud Computing

Impact on Service Management Lifecycle

Cloud Computing and Service Management

Module 7: Governing Cloud Computing

Compliance and Risk Management

Financial Management

Strategic Supplier Management

Target Audience :

IT Support Staff

IT Consultants

Business Managers

Business Analysts

Small and Mid-Size Business Owners

Specialist (IT, security, infrastructure, services, systems, test, and so on)

Business Process Owners

IT Developers

Service Providers

System Integrators



IT Management

Learning Objectives :

Define the common terminology used in cloud computing.

Identify the characteristics of cloud computing and cloud services from a business perspective.

Identify the business value of cloud computing in the given case study.

Explain the different deployment models in cloud computing.

List the steps to successfully adopt cloud computing services.

Identify the organizational capabilities that are relevant for realizing cloud benefits.

List the impact and changes of cloud computing on IT service management.

Identify the issues associated with integrating cloud computing into an organization's existing compliance risk and regulatory framework.

Course Agenda :
Day 1

Course Introduction

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Business Perspectives

Technical Perspectives

Adopting Cloud Computing

Day 2

Operating Cloud Computing

Governing Cloud Computing

Exam Preparation



Monday 16 December 2019, 09:00 AM

till Tuesday 17 December 2019 05:00 PM


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