Basic Plumbing Course - 3 hour course.

This course is not designed to get you ready for a career as a professional plumber. This is for homeowners who want to learn the basics so they can repair or fix simple common plumbing problems around the house.
With a few basics and a bit of confidence there are many simple jobs like fixing leaking taps or toilets that you can do yourself, so why pay a professional plumber £70 for something you can fix in 5 minutes.
Tasks and Skills covered include:
Water storage and hot water systems
Tap washer and cartridge replacement
Poly pipe fittings
How to replace a length of copper pipe with new poly pipe
Removing and installing new taps
Specific tools for plumbing
Working with copper pipe
Sealing threads to stop leaks
Copper fittings
Cutting copper pipe and poly pipe
Isolating valves
Waste and Traps
Replacing or repairing toilet parts, what are they and what do they do?

Flush valves

This 3 hour basics course will give you the confidence to tackle some of those simple repair jobs and get some answers to all those DIY questions.


Friday 15 March, 02:00 PM

till Saturday 16 March 05:00 PM


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