Asian Vegetarian Food & Culture Tour™ $64 (w/ Di

Are you curious which country originated Tofu? What does authentic soy milk taste like? Is there vegetarian dim sum available? What is the art of making Asian tea? What are the essential elements of Asian Vegetarian Cuisines? Our Original Asian Vegetarian Food and Culture Walking Tour will take you to NYC Chinatown to experience Buddhist Cuisine, also known as East Asian vegetarian cuisine (zhāicài), one of the oldest known vegetarian cuisines! You will have all your questions about Asian Vegetarian Cuisine answered! You will also learn about the history and culture of Chinatown.
Your food and culture journey includes the following:

Dim Sum (which literally means "touch of the heart"): Scrumptious small portion dishes - traditionally served family style
Local tofu shop: Taste authentic tofu products
A variety of Chinese Teas: From the most well-known and popular Taiwanese tea house in Asia
Shanghais Scallion Pancake: A light and crisp, delicious snack
Vietnamese Sandwich: The favorite sandwich among Food Network celebrities
*(Optional) A variety of exotic Asian flavored ice-cream
A variety of Chinese pastries
Hongkonger popular snacks

If you want to have a unique and delicious vegetarian experience, join us today. All tastings and dining are included in your ticket price of $64 (all fees are included).
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* The optional tasting is not included in the tour ticket but you can choose to purchuse it.
Tour Information

Terms and Conditions:
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Around 3 hours +/- 15 mins

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

Takes place rain or shine.


Some are taste on the go and some are seated. There should be plenty of food to eat. Note: food tastings are subject to change without notice.

12 persons per tour.

Minimum Requirement:
4 persons per tour.

It is standard to give a 15% tip in New York City especially if you enjoyed the tour. 



Friday 7 December 2018, 02:45 PM

till Friday 7 December 2018 05:30 PM


Chinatown Tourism Kiosk at a traffic island across street from 220 Canal St New York US

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