Amsterdam & The Royal Family

Weddings and the inauguration of the new Monarch. Amsterdam has long history with the Orange-Nassau family. The tour fills you in about the centuries long relationship of the family with the Dutch Republic and now the Kingdom of the Netherlands. We will walk along important landmarks such as the Palace on Dam square and Westerkerk where Queen Beatrix got married. Amsterdammers cheered for the royals dressed in Orange but the family also has been booed. And who knew that the first Dutch King was a Frenchman?Amsterdam as the capital of the Republic has always had mixed relationship with the Orange -Nassau family. While the elite of Amsterdam was Republican. The Royal family remained popular with the poorer classes.Four kings and four Queens in the last 200 years. All you ever wanted to know....


Thursday 17 September, 03:00 PM

till Friday 18 September 05:00 PM


Monument Queen Wilhelmina (lady on horse) Rokin Amsterdam NL

Special Amsterdam Tours

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We organize tours in Amsterdam about special topics only. As a LGBT Gay Company we do not discriminate and welcome also straight people. As the outside company we do not provide red light district tours. That is boring. We go in depth into the history of Amsterdam. From the Dutch Masters in the Rijksmuseum, the Royal tour about the most fascinating Royal family of Europe. The Orange Nassau's the Dutch Royal Family. And of cours our LGBT Gay History Tour. 400 years of gay history of Amsterdam. W...

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