Address The Elephant: How To Navigate Conflict In
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  • Friday 22 November, 09:00 AM

Being part of a high-performing team is awesome. Research shows the best teams outperform the sum of what individuals contribute. But working in a team also brings the potential for conflict. Some are intellectual (different viewpoints), while others are emotional or relational (hurt feelings, not feeling seen or valued, a fear of not fitting in). Or a seemingly messy mix of all the above. Conflicts are a natural part of working with others. Research shows that the healthiest teams are those who learn to dance with tension. But how?
The aim of this workshop is to explore practical strategies to navigate conflicts more effectively. We will explore and challenge underlying beliefs about conflicts (e.g. ‘We should avoid conflict so we don’t hurt relationships or morale’ or ‘By ignoring conflict, it will go away’) and your role in conflicts (e.g. ‘I freeze up - have a hard time addressing conflict head-on’  or ‘Unless I can remain completely calm, I won’t navigate conflicts well’). These beliefs often shape and limit, our ability to navigate them effectively. We will discover and develop strategies that you can use to reduce conflict, to navigate hot topics and to de-escalate.

This workshop is unique in that it brings together a large group of people from many different organizations. Instead of relying on any single theoretical model or the wisdom of a few experts, we will instead draw on the creativity, wisdom, and experience of everyone in the room. By working together, we will explore what makes success possible and devise practical strategies you can use in your work right after this workshop. We facilitate the workshop with Liberating Structures so that every voice contributes and everyone learns about what matters most to them, and also to demonstrate how they can be used to navigate conflict.
After this workshop, you will have a better understanding of the role of conflicts in productive teams. You will have expanded your toolkit both with


Friday 22 November, 09:00 AM

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