1st Month Community Swim Subscription

Welcome to the Community Pool in Waltham Forest College.

The Community Swim is lane swimming sessions available to anyone from 14 years old and over who can swim at least 30m, now with special deals or WFC Staff* and Students*;
*To claim your discount, where applicable, please choose and enter the appropriate promotional code;WFC member of staff: WFC-MOSWFC Student: WFC-STUAny other clubs / YMCA discount codes can be forwarded at your request.Please mind that you may be asked to show your badge when entering with a discounted ticket. The Community Pool reserves the right to refuse the entry if you failed to show your badge on demand.
To subscribe to Community Swim Sessions, please register and purchase the correct ticket via this website.If you select an option 'Yes, I want to be contacted and offered a monthly subscription', you will shortly be contacted, and receive a request to set up a Direct Debit instruction through GoCardless which will allow The Community Pool CIC to collect subsequent monthly payments automatically. *NEW: Now, it's even cheaper for you to opt for the monthly Direct Debit membership! Not only you don't have to remember purchasing your tickets every month over again, but there is a further discount for monthly payments, as our monthly membership now costs only £28.
If you do not wish to pay by monthly direct debit, you are able to purchase your one-month tickets from this website repeatedly and bring them along every time you come. 
Happy swimming!


Wednesday 4 December, 12:00 AM


The Community pool in WFC 707 Forest Road London GB

The Community Pool CIC

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The Community Pool at Waltham Forest College, 707 Forest Road, London,  E17 4JB For our membership options, please click on the event below First Month Community Subscription and pick your option 'ticket', fill out the details, and you can start swimming! Once you've purchased your ticket, you can come and swim at the Public Swimming times, which can be found on our website www.thecommunitypool.org , and we will get in touch with you within the month to cofirm your membership, and to send ...

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