Lava Blast Oldschool B&S Ball 2018 (is postponed s

Last up dated 8/12/2017
Details incomplete and subject to slight change!

ADDRESS: 461 Dundonnell-Derrinallum Rd, Dundonnell Dundonnell, Victoria, Australia 3271 ((((((Ballarat, western district area,VIC 32ks south of the Bolac B&S site)))) TICKETS: The Lava Blast B&S for ((((((OVER 21s only))))))) if you are 20 years of age turning 21 in the year of 2018 then you qualify for this age bracket your in!So get in early to avoid missing out!!

IIf you like food dye, do NOT bother attending to this B&S is not for you!!! People like you are not welcome at all. But if you love to party hard like its your last day on earth, this is your chance to see how the traditional B&S balls got so poplar and famous.The Old School lava last bachelor and spinsters (B&S) is for over 21s, if your 20 in 2018and your turning 21 in that year the your in. At an old school B&S and there was food dye wasn't invented that's that!

OVER VIEW: After the ground erupted and NOT drop of food dye 2016!!! And a gap year for 2017and18, The Old School Lava Blast B&S is back to blow your rocks off in 2019. Sick of food dye and over policed rules and regulations at modern B&S balls?Let's wind back to the 80s to where it all began, 253 hq's wb's Hz's ruled the car park. Pre mixed cans was an idea, three finger rums in enamel mugs flowed freely.Black tie actually meant real Armani suits and cocktail dresses! (We are super strict on attire!!)The option to sit down at a table to eat! Recovery was better than the Saturday night. If you're reading this and thinking how bloody awesome, then you should dust off your old ute and ball boots, get yourself down to The Old School Lava Blast ball held on the 27th of April 2019.Details incomplete and facts will be getting updated regularly Details below.............

EARLY BIRD $104.50: are on sale from 1/ May/2018 till sold out or the 30th/August/2018.

PRE PAID $134.50: are on sale from the 1/May/2018 till 18/April/2019..........includes booking fee grog,enamel


Saturday 27 April, 08:30 PM

till Sunday 28 April 03:00 PM


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